The team

We are a family of three living in Scotland.

Robin_2013Robin is a research scientist, and has been involved in boats in some way or another since an early age. When growing up, he enjoyed jet boating up and down rivers, then when at university, he became very keen on diving and learnt how to handle RIBs. When the family moved to Scotland, he decided to rekindle this interest which led to the purchase of Ruby Tuesday. He has taken his shore-based and practical RYA Day Skipper qualification (and International Certificate of Competence (ICC), including CEVNI endorsement), and has a VHF radio operator’s licence. A previous hobby was car mechanics; consequently he does most of his own servicing and maintenance of the boat.

Brigitte_010713Brigitte is a social worker, and became interested in boating when she moved to Scotland. She loves exploring the west coast of Scotland during the summer, dolphin-watching on the east coast, catching fish and lobsters, and, of course, cooking and eating them. She has her RYA Competent Crew qualification.

Christopher_2010Christopher is a student studying biochemistry, and has accompanied his parents on several summer trips on the west coast of Scotland. At university, he was a member of the kayaking club.