2023: The Gulf of Bothnia

This is now the sixth year of our project to explore the UK and Europe by sail. We overwintered Ruby Tuesday in 2022/23 near Stockholm in Sweden and rejoined her in early May 2023.

From there, we aim to set off for the Åland Islands in Finland to join a rally of other members of the Cruising Association for 12 days exploring the islands. Our son Christopher will be back in Europe (from Australia) on holiday, and will be joining us on the rally for two weeks, so we are really looking forward to seeing him there.

Then we plan to head northwards up to the Högakusten (High Coast) of Sweden where my sister and her husband from NZ are joining us for a week or so. The scenery there is supposed to be stunning, where the land is rising at about 1 cm per year due to isostatic rebound after the melting of the ice sheets. There are some good treks and cycle rides there, so we may try and do one or two of those.

Then, if time and weather allow, we might head up to the Arctic Circle and Lapland before coming back to Stockholm for the next winter. Alternatively, we may go across to the west coast of Finland and come back that way. We will see.

That’s the plan at least – we will see how we get on!

The following links will take you to the individual blog posts of different legs of the journey as they unfold:

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